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Why should you talk to us at eOpinion?

If you would like to achieve any of the following:

> have a deeper engagement with your customers

> make your CRM strategy a little more interesting and effective

> more sales

> keeping you brand front of mind

> reduce dependency on paid advertising, increase earned media opportunities

> improve your CRM metrics, better open rates and reduced ‘unsubscribes’

> increase direct access & reduce platform risk on contacting your audience

As well as many other benefits of better community engagement, let’s have a chat.

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Who should consider using eOpinion?

eOpinion is for you if you are a company who believes in the value of a solid CRM strategy, has a solid email list but is not getting the engagement from it they’d like

If your CRM stats lean more towards delete, ignore or unsubscribe than open and click, let’s talk

You understand the power and value of a thriving and engaged community

You struggle to communicate efficiently with your audience across multiple social media and communication platforms

You want to have a regular check-in with your customers that goes beyond sales messaging every time that the public are bored of seeing

Your customers are protective of their inbox and are bored of what is essentially, spam

One link, any platform.

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✅ Text/Whatsapp

✅ On-site QR codes

✅ Print

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*Absolutely no obligation and no hard sell.

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