Cheeky Streaming, Jovial Funerals and Wimbledon Russian Ban

Daily eOpinion Results | 22nd April 2022

Daily eOpinion Results | 22nd April 2022

Daily eOpinion Results | 22nd April 2022

1. Are we modern day pirates? 🏴‍☠️

Yesterday, a third of us confessed to using someone else’s streaming login.

It could be a number like this that has upset Netflix, it’s rumoured they are attempting clamp down on it.

With their share price taking a hammering in the last couple of days, it’s maybe not that surprising.

Two thirds of you are honest, or maybe just don’t have a friend with Spotify or Prime!

2. Putting the fun in funeral! ⚰️

Following our question about death last week, yesterday we were asked about the type of funeral we wanted when we passed.

Despite the funeral stereotype, over half of us (56%) would actually prefer a jovial occasion.

3. Most agree with Wimbledon 🎾

One of the biggest tournaments in tennis announced yesterday that Russians and Belarusians would be banned form competing this year.

We asked if you agreed with this decision and a very high 82% said yes. one in ten think it’s the wrong move and 8% were unsure either way.

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Lilly A.

Justin P.

Zoe U.

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