Password Security, Food Waste and Star Wars!

Daily eOpinion Results | 5th May 2022

Daily eOpinion Results | 5th May 2022

Daily eOpinion Results | 5th May 2022

1. Online security might need some work! 🔐

I was surprised to learn this morning that 40% of you write your passwords down somewhere.

At first I was a bit judgy but then I thought about just how many passwords we have knocking around and guess I can understand it.

2. Food Waste 🚮

Yesterday we asked about food waste in your household.

It’s good to see that only 18% of you consider yourselves above or well above average.

Seems like on the whole, we are doing alright here.

3. The force is not with most of you. 🎬

Yesterday was May the 4th, the semi-unofficial Star Wars day.

As a result we wanted to know how many of you out there were actually fans of the franchise.

I’ll be honest, when we discussed at eOpinion HQ, we thought the fan base would be bigger.

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Julian S.

Arthur W.

Jon. H

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