Pension Pressure, Jigsaws and Perjury For A Loved One

Daily eOpinion Results | 28th April 2022

Daily eOpinion Results | 28th April 2022

Daily eOpinion Results | 28th April 2022

1. Times are tough. 💷

Last week we asked about cancelling subscriptions due to cost of living pressures, yesterday we asked if your pension payments were under scrutiny too.

Whilst just over a third of you said no, a solid amount said yes and stopping payments would happen soon.

2. A jigsaw is not just for kids. 🧩

Maybe a mindful thing, maybe not but nearly two thirds of you enjoy the peaceful hobby of a jigsaw.

Definitely a fair bit higher than I thought it would be.

3. You can’t handle the truth! 🤥

A really interesting question to finish up yesterday.

We asked whether you would perjure yourself for a loved one?

The question caused quite the debate at eOpinion HQ and only a third of you said no.

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