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Bars and pubs still have a place in our hearts

Muted restrictions less appealing

With Boris Johnson expected to announce at lunchtime today, Tuesday 23 June, that the hospitality sector can reopen from Saturday 4 July, albeit with restrictions and special measures in place, we wanted to know how much you have missed bars and pubs, if at all.

Have you missed bars and pubs? | eOpinion.orgWell over half of us have missed bars and pubs during their enforced closure. One eOpinion community member summed it up neatly by saying:

“It’s been boring without pubs.”

Will you rush back? | eOpinion.orgThe rumoured restrictions and special measures that will have to be in place for the Government to allow the hospitality sector to reopen are not to everyone’s taste though. One community member told us:

“If anyone thinks that I am going to register online with the landlord to buy a pint, they have got another thing coming.” 

More likely to choose an independent bar or pub over a chain one? | eOpinion.orgInterestingly, two-thirds of those who will visit a bar or pub once they do reopen will choose an independently owned one over a chain. For 22% however, just an open establishment will do!

Do you think bars and pubs have a greater societal value than just being a place to buy a drink? | eOpinion.orgThe vast majority of us see greater value in our bars and pubs than just being a place to buy a drink. One respondent told us:

“Pubs are at the heart of our communities. They are where we connect and celebrate the best of British.”

Will bars and pubs be the same in the “new normal”?

Whatever the Government announces, the dynamic in our bars and pubs is bound to be different with some form of social distancing, restricted numbers and odd queues changing things. It remains to be seen how landlords and customers will adapt.

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