Christmas Tree trends in the UK

Christmas Tree Trends UK | eOpinion

It’s that time of year again where it is now acceptable to start putting up your Christmas decorations.

We wanted to know what your Christmas Tree looked like and what the most popular tree trends are in the UK.

Welcome to the Christmas tree trends report for 2021!

Christmas Tree Trends | Speedy Poll

First things first, the majority sway toward the fake it until you make it kind of tree, rather than the real deal.

To be honest, we were a little surprised at the ratio here at eOpinion HQ.

Christmas Tree Trends | Speedy Poll

As for colour, green is king, you cannot go wrong with the traditional coloured tree.

Although up to 10% are making it a white Christmas.

Christmas Tree Trends | Speedy Poll

Yet again the classic trend comes in the top spot with 59% opting for a white light on their Christmas tree, followed by the much loved multi-colour lights.

Christmas Tree Trends | Speedy Poll

Gold, multi-coloured and red are the frontrunners for choice of bauble colours.

Surprisingly, 4% choose to not use baubles at all. 😮

Christmas Tree Trends | Speedy Poll

As for the showstopper at the top of the tree, a Star is the clear winner.

Now there’s just the argument of who gets to put it on to be settled.

Christmas Tree Trends | Speedy Poll

4% of you are definitely going to need a step ladder to reach the top of your tree.

The majority of you however, might just need a buddy the elf jump or a solid stepladder!

Traditional or Individual?

Although the fake tree may be favoured over a real tree, having to hoover up pine needles every 20 minutes probably being the main factor here, us Brits love a traditional-looking tree to get into the Christmas spirit.

Now to start detangling those lights and checking they work after a year in the loft.

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