Do you care about how your clothes are made? |

Do we really care about how our clothes are made?

Lack of supply chain transparency isn’t helping

With Boohoo having come under fire following allegations that workers at a Leicester factory are paid less than the minimum wage and are not wearing masks to protect against Covid-19, we asked if you worry about the conditions your clothes are made in.

Put off | eOpinion.orgWhilst a proportion has not been put off Boohoo (15%), at least one participant clearly has, telling us quite firmly:

“It’s shocking, everything comes down to money… Makes me sick!”

Clothes supply chain | eOpinion.orgA massive 89% of respondents think that there is not enough transparent information available on the clothing industry supply chain. One said:

“Fair trade and openness is the answer.”

Price most important factor? |

Price is a key driver for 37% of those that took part in this Speedy Poll. In fact, one told us that the availability of an ongoing discount was a significant decision-making factor:

“I get a staff/colleague discount on my purchases at F & F at Tesco. That is mostly where I buy my clothes and sadly don’t consider where it’s made, only the cost.”

The way forward

As one respondent neatly summed up:

“We need greater transparency in fashion with regards to ethics and working conditions, material and quality, and price.”

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This Speedy Poll was conducted on with 2,089 people on 7, 8 and 9 July 2020. The results are from this individual poll alone and are not nationally representative.

The eOpinions expressed here are those of the respondents to the Speedy Poll: “Do you care about how your clothes are made?” They do not to reflect the views of Hutch Media Group Ltd t/a eOpinion itself.

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