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The fruit and veg stars of the eOpinion tribe

For the past 5 weeks, you have been telling us how you got on on growing your own fruit and veg this year.

You should be proud of the diverse crop that you have produced, with honourable mentions for your aubergines, pak choi, sweetcorn, redcurrants, mint and coriander as well as a firm favourite, the humble potato.

At eOpinion, we have been taking advantage of the September sunshine to ripen some tomatoes we should have planted much earlier than we actually did!

When it came to our Speedy Poll, you told us:

Grown your own fruit and veg this year? |

Over half of you grew some of your own fruit and veg in this unusual year. One respondent said:

“Once lockdown hit and shopping was suddenly more difficult, growing my own fruit and veg became less of a romantic idea of self-sufficiency and more something actually useful! And trying things out in the garden has been a great way to get away from the news.”

First time fruit and veg |

Of those of you that have tried to grow your own this year, an impressive 16% of you have tested your green fingers out for the very first time in 2020.

That of course means that a whopping 84% of you are experienced gardeners, but does experience automatically mean success?

Have you grown anything successfully |

Well…78% had success with your fruit and veg, either across the board (24%) or with some of your produce (54%).

Spare a thought though for the 22% that lucked out when it came to growing their own.

Know what you are doing? |

Not that everyone knows what they are doing. Only 24% of you have graduated to Monty Don status.

Nearly half of you are getting there, whilst it is very much a case of trial and error for 29%.

As for next spring…

…72% of you are going to carry on growing in 2021.

Good luck!

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This Speedy Poll was conducted on with 6,201 people between 20 August – 27 September 2020. The results are from this individual poll alone and are not nationally representative.

The eOpinions expressed here are those of the respondents to the Speedy Poll: “Do you grow your own fruit and veg?” They do not to reflect the views of Hutch Media Group Ltd t/a eOpinion itself.

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