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JK Rowling’s transgender views haven’t stopped fans reading her books

Appetite for her work remains strong

With newspapers having reported last week that Harry Potter fan sites are distancing themselves from JK Rowling over her views on transgender rights, we asked if those views have changed your own attitudes to reading her books.

Last month, Rowling published a personal essay in which she detailed her beliefs on transgender rights, including examples of where she thought demands by transgender activists were dangerous to women.

Agree with her views? | eOpinion.orgWhilst a significant proportion of respondents to this Speedy Poll (25%) do agree with JK Rowling’s views, the majority (58%) are neutral or currently have no view at all.

One eOpinion community member told us:

“Whatever happened to free speech and everyone being entitled to an opinion?? Further to that, she may have a point but most people probably don’t even know exactly what she said, just jumped on to the bandwagon.”

Stop reading due to her views? | eOpinion.orgThe overwhelming majority of respondents (97%) plan to keep reading JK Rowling’s books:

“I love both Harry and Cormoran, the stories are brilliant. I don’t want to take the Harry Potter experience away from my children just because of a slightly different opinion of the author to my own.”

Case of cancel culture?

With 150 writers, academics and activists, including JK Rowling, signing an open letter this week denouncing so-called cancel culture, was the Harry Potter fan sites’ reaction an example of this?

Cancel culture refers to online shaming of individuals who cause offence.

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