How do you feel about Brexit 4 years on from the EU Referendum? |

4 years on – how you now feel about the EU Referendum result

Frustration lingers over Brexit process

This time in 2016, the country was digesting the result of the EU Referendum: yes to Brexit. We asked, 4 years on, how you now feel about the result.

Vote the same or differently? | eOpinion.orgWhilst the vast majority of respondents (93%) to this Speedy Poll would vote in the same way as they did on 23 June 2020, there is a small minority (7%) that have changed their position. This theoretical change of vote has switched in both directions. Two respondents told us, with one commenting:

“I voted remain but now I’m glad that we’re leaving.”

However, the other said:

“I voted leave, but now feel we were conned and having seen the hash this government has made of Covid-19… no confidence left in this Uk government!”

Result good or bad thing? | eOpinion.orgAmongst those who took part in this Speedy Poll, and with the benefit of 4 years of hindsight, the majority (54%) think that yes to Brexit was a good thing.

This question continues however to polarise as just 1% of respondents are now not sure.

One participant told us:

“I am more convinced that leaving the EU is the right move for the UK.”

with another though saying:

“Brexit was a bad idea then and is a terrible fact now.”

Still not over

The fact that the Brexit process has still not been fully completed is a bone of contention for quite a few of us:

“We need to hurry up and fully end the relationship with the EU.”

with another adding:

“Politicians should keep their promises; thanks to Cameron’s cowardly actions in jumping ship, because he lost, and May’s weakness, we have wasted 4 years.”

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This Speedy Poll was conducted on with 2,103 people on 24, 25 and 26 June 2020. The results are from this individual poll alone and are not nationally representative.

The eOpinions expressed here are those of the respondents to the Speedy Poll: How do you feel about Brexit 4 years on from the Referendum? They do not to reflect the views of Hutch Media Group Ltd t/a eOpinion itself.

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