Money spent on space travel not worth it |

Less than a third of Brits think the money spent on space travel is worth it

Just a quarter of Brits had childhood dreams of being an astronaut

With NASA’s first crewed launch in nearly ten years, in partnership with SpaceX, due to take flight tonight (Saturday 30 May 2020 at 8.22pm UK time), space travel is back in the media spotlight again.

We wanted to find out however what you think of space travel, and whether you’d ever wanted to take off into space. The results speak for themselves…

Did you want to be an astronaut as a child? |

Childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut and launching into space weren’t common for Brits, as only a quarter wanted a career in space travel growing up.

Donning the space suit and entering zero gravity wasn’t on the list of childhood aspirations for 74% of Brits, who dreamt of being something else.

If affordable, would you want to go into space? |

It seems price doesn’t matter to Brits as nearly 60% have said they still wouldn’t go to space, even if it was affordable.

Even if it became as affordable as holidays and current travel options, only 43% of Brits would want to go into space.

Money spent on space missions worth it? |

Less than a third of Brits think the money spent on space missions is worth it, according to eOpinion community speedy poll respondents. 

Nearly 70% of Brits don’t value the money spent on space missions, which can reach hundreds of millions. The speedy poll showed just 31% think the money is being well spent.

Space travel needs to work harder to capture our imagination

Whilst the upcoming SpaceX / NASA launch might make space travel seem like a viable option again, Brits are yet to be convinced.

It’s clear that Brits aren’t rushing to get their seat into space and don’t see the investment on space travel as money well spent.

The speedy poll was conducted on with 2,023 people on 29 and 30 May 2020 and is nationally representative.


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