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Our passwords need to improve to keep our data secure

Passwords could be a weak link when it comes to data security.

With easyJet having gone public last week on a cyber-attack affecting 9 million of its customers (BBC), we asked what you are doing to make sure your passwords are up to the task of keeping your data secure.

Whilst we are regularly given best practice advice about how and when to set strong passwords, your feedback indicates we are not necessarily following that advice.

Using the same password for more than one online account? | eOpinion.orgIn spite of often being told not to use the same password for more than one online account, a good number of us are doing that very same thing.

Although data breaches are hitting the news more and more frequently, and the need to vary our passwords becoming more important than ever, the effort involved is still outweighing the risk according to one anonymous eOpinion community member:

I know it’s a risk but I have so many accounts….there is no way I could remember so many different passwords. I just use the same one for all my accounts.

Do you regularly update your passwords? | eOpinion.orgStrikingly, the number of us that either regularly update our passwords as a matter of course or react to cyber-attack stories are in the minority. Again, its seems that the majority of us are taking the least effort approach to password management.

Good practice if you are worried on the back of the easyJet story

If you do ever suspect that any of your passwords or other data might have been compromised, changing your password for the affected account, as well as for any other accounts where you use the same password, is recommended. In addition to that, be on alert for phishing emails.

The survey was conducted on eOpinion.org with 2,101 people on 20 – 25 May 2020 and is nationally representative.


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