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Podcasts – what you really think of the medium

In the run-up to International Podcast Day on Wednesday 30 September, and with the medium seemingly going from strength to strength, we asked whether you listen to podcasts and what you think of them.

Do you listen to podcasts | eOpinion.org

Listening to podcasts is obviously one thing, but what do you actually think of the content? One podcast listener didn’t hold back when they told us:

Most podcasts are drivel. Inane waffle not crafted and recorded appallingly. They’re largely self indulgent and really boring especially the worthy ones. There are a few gems that are crafted well like a radio or tv show. Those are the ones that will outshine the rest eventually. Distinct Nostalgia is a great one because they don’t treat it as a podcast but as doc, drama, comedy, a show, etc. Podcast is such an annoying name. It’s not exciting. This is a space that should be as good quality as any tv show, radio show or film. Instead the sector is generally full of crap. Time to revolutionise this space!

When do you listen to podcasts | eOpinion.org

As for when we like to get our podcast fix, it is a real mixed bag. Perhaps that explains their increasing popularity, that you really can listen to them anywhere and everywhere from when walking the dog to just relaxing on the sofa.

Why do you listen to podcasts | eOpinion.org

Understandably, in 2020, escapism is a big reason for listening into podcasts, although personal development is the main draw for nearly quarter of you.

Launching your own podcasts | eOpinion.org

20% of you are very much part of driving the growth of the sector by already having or thinking about launching your own podcast.

Joe Rogan king of podcasts | eOpinion.org

As for the King of Podcasts, Joe Rogan, even he has work to do to convert everyone to the medium with two-fifths of you not having heard of him.

Evolution or revolution?

Will our outspoken Speedy Poll participant quoted above get the podcast revolution they are hoping for with better quality content and production? Or will there be a slow evolution to an unknown podcast destination?

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