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Shocking facts about ‘Lockdown Quiz’ cheating!

One third of us cheat during a lockdown quiz!

Whilst we are sure it happens, cheating in a traditional quiz in days gone by at your local pub is very difficult, there are only so many times you can ‘pop’ to the loo with your phone. The rise of the lockdown quiz however, has made having a sneaky look at Google on your phone incredibly easy and it looks like quite a few have succumbed to the temptation.

We asked the eOpinion community to be honest with their responses and asked them about cheating in quizzes. The results were a little surprising to say the least, next time you are staring at your screen and your friends and family are in the little boxes on the side, keep a close eye on the men!

Have you ever cheated in a lockdown quiz? | eOpinion
We were a bit surprised when crunching the numbers to see over a third of us admit to cheating during a lockdown quiz, if we assume that not everyone was even honest answering this question our numbers edge up even more.

Next time you are on a quiz, one in three might be a bit shifty.

Andrew from York said:

I know i’m not the brightest in my circle so don’t want to be embarrassed or look thick. I often check the answers but only enough to not come last, never to win. I think this is ok.

Likelihood to cheat in a lockdown quiz by gender | eOpinion
Men are 3x more likely to cheat than women.

Are we really surprised by this? We suspected that men would be the guilty party more so than women but even we gasped a little when we saw the numbers. Or maybe the men were just more honest?

Jackie from Bristol said:

We have an extended family quiz every week and for nearly everyone, my boyfriend and I have ended up having an argument because he wants to have a sneaky peek and I don’t.

Cheaters tool of choice | eOpinion
No surprises here, with a world of information at your fingertips, Google can tempt even the most saintly to maybe just confirm one or two things. With the addition of smart speakers and virtual assistants in to the home, you don’t even need to ‘lean’ away from the camera to tap in to your phone, a subtle pretend conversation with your teammate will easily do the trick.

Hey Google, who was the 38th US president?

Suzie T. from Glasgow said:

My stupid husband messaged one of his mates last week for an answer and accidentally put it in the family Whatsapp group instead. Pretending it was a joke did not go down well.

Guilty cheaters? | eOpinion
A whopping 83% of quizzers who admitted cheating are pretty cut throat/cynical/ruthless (delete as appropriate) as they show no remorse or guilt about their actions.

John S. from Hereford said:

Of course I don’t feel guilty, everyone is doing it.

Trust no-one!

This Speedy Poll cast somewhat of a shadow over our love for lockdown quizzes, the activity that we look forward to that is a bright shining light in our lockdown lives has now been tinged with suspicion and deceit!

How are we meant to feel the next time we log on to our Google Meet and see those closest to us, all smiles and salutations knowing that many of them just can’t be trusted! I don’t know about you but dad’s, brother’s and uncle’s will be having a very close kept upon them.

Whatever you do, don’t make any accusations unless you are 100% sure! They literally have to forget to mute and ask their Google Home about oxbow lakes before you can say anything.

The survey was conducted on with 3,123 people on 22nd-24th May 2020 and is nationally representative.


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