Brits crown Chocolate Hobnobs as nation’s favourite biscuit!

There’s nothing quite like a biscuit (or three!) and a cup of tea to get over the 3pm afternoon slump, and Brits have shared their favourite biscuits to satisfy that sugar craving.

Whether you’re a Hobnob lover, a Custard Cream connoisseur or a Jammie Dodger fan, we asked you which is your favourite biscuit as we celebrate National Biscuit Day (29th May), and the results might surprise you.

UK's Top 10 biscuits | eOpinion

The nation has spoken and according to the British public, Chocolate Hobnobs are the King of biscuits!

Chocolate Digestives and Shortbreads took a respectable second and third place but the once treasured Custard Cream had a fall from grace and now sits at tenth place.

Sitting in the middle is the often cited controversial choice of a Jaffa Cake – but is it technically a cake and not a biscuit? That debate can wait until another time. (Editors note: future Speedy Poll idea)

Honourable mentions

Tunnock’s Tea Cakes and Fox’s Party Rings still hit the spot for British biscuit lovers

Whilst these might not have snuck into the top ten favourites with biscuit fans, these nostalgia inducing snacks received more than a few mentions and apparently regularly get themselves a spot in the biscuit tin.

Tunnock’s Tea Cakes | eOpinion

A favourite in lunchboxes of the past, Tunnock’s Tea Cakes still offer that creamy marshmallow with biscuit and a chocolate coating. Indulgent and just the right size to not have to share, so it’s no wonder it got an honourable mention from voters. But is it actually a biscuit? We try to stay neutral here at eOpinion but for us, this raises more questions than the aforementioned Jaffa Cake.

Party Rings | eOpinion
Icing and biscuit is a perfect combination to biscuit fans who had to give a shout out to Fox’s Party Rings. Sugary goodness and a biscuit base, it wasn’t quite good enough to snag a place in the top ten but it still gets a mention from British biscuit fans.

Chocolate biscuits top the list for biscuit-eating Brits

Well it’s no surprise that Brits are a nation of biscuit lovers, and the latest list might divide many over which treat should truly be sitting at the top but one thing that can’t be disputed is chocolate biscuits remain a clear winner.

Whether you’re reaching for a Chocolate HobNob, a couple of fingers, a Chocolate Digestive or even a Chocolate Chip Cookie, National Biscuit Day is a good enough excuse as any to crack open the cookie jar and enjoy!

The survey was conducted on with 2,734 people on 28th May 2020 and is nationally representative.


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