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Two-thirds of us concerned about a second wave

Will we be better prepared if a second wave arrives?

With health leaders having addressed all UK political parties last week in a call for a rapid forward looking review of the UK’s preparedness for a second wave, we wanted to know if you have any concerns about the possibility of a further significant outbreak and its potential impact.

Second wave? | eOpinion.orgThere is definite concern that there will be a second wave in the next 3 months. Further to this, amongst female respondents to this Speedy Poll, women are 8 times more likely to think that there will be a further significant outbreak than not.

Some are less convinced however about a second wave with one participant telling us:

“Expert virologists have made it clear that a virus declines in potency over time and as humans create antibodies, why should it return?”

Better prepared? | eOpinion.orgIn spite of the concerns about a second wave, close to three-quarters of respondents think that we have learnt lessons from the first known outbreak and therefore will be better prepared.

One eOpinion community member told us:

“Although the last three months have been a stressful experience, I think I know the drill now and will be able to lockdown again and cope if it comes to it.”

Local lockdowns sign of things to come?

With the UK’s first full local lockdown having just been announced in Leicester (BBC), striking the balance between absolute caution and a return to normal life is going to be difficult for government, businesses and the general public alike for some time to come.

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This Speedy Poll was conducted on with 2,017 people on 26 – 29 June 2020. The results are from this individual poll alone and are not nationally representative.

The eOpinions expressed here are those of the respondents to the Speedy Poll: Are you worried about a second wave? They do not to reflect the views of Hutch Media Group Ltd t/a eOpinion itself.

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