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The UK are big fans of Tiger King

Following the huge success of the Netflix documentary The Tiger King we wanted to understand whether people really loved it; or were they just caught up in the viral phenomenon and watched it because everyone was talking about it.

This is what we found out:

Have you seen Tiger King? | eOpinion

14.5% of respondents told us they had indeed seen Tiger King. While this number may not sound a lot in a basic yes vs. no situation, it is worth considering that 14.5% of the UK Population equals approx. 9.5 million, that’s a lot of folks who now know who Joe Exotic is who didn’t just a couple of months ago.

Tiger King: Worth the hype? | eOpinion
It would appear that Tiger King is more than just a social media viral storm with no substance. An impressive three quarters of people we polled think that the show is totally worth the hype that surrounds it on social and in the press.

Anne-Marie from Worcester said:

Tiger King was totally captivating. Even though I really didn’t like the main characters, I just couldn’t take my eyes off the screen.

Tiger King - Ratings out of 10 | eOpinion
To finish the Speedy Poll, we asked everyone to rate the show out of 10. Feelings were mixed as you can probably imagine, check out the quotes below, but the ratings definitely edged towards the high side with over half of people rating it a 7 or higher.

Ray P. from Liverpool said:

This is 10/10 TV, I almost don’t believe it is a true story.

Janet G on Facebook said:

What a load of s*** them animals should get taken from them it’s cruel.

Tiger King reigns supreme with Brits.

Every now and again we see these shows appear, the overnight sensation that everyone is talking about, some we watch and some we don’t. With Tiger King being released during lockdown and surrounded by hype it is probably no surprise that Netflix viewers have watched more than 5.3billion minutes of the show. (NME)

If you haven’t seen it, it seems that there are plenty of people who think you should!

The survey was conducted on eOpinion.org with 2,063 people on 20th-22nd May 2020 and is nationally representative.


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