Your eOpinion on Joe Rogan and Spotify

The podcast is here to stay.

The world of podcasting is in the spotlight at the moment with one of the medium’s biggest names having signed an exclusivity deal that matches the likes of sports stars worth an estimated $100million.

His frank no-nonsense style, inquisitive questions and huge audience helped Joe Rogan negotiate a deal with Spotify but does it mean his followers and fans of podcasting in general are going to make the switch from their current podcast provider to Spotify.

Whoever at Spotify did the deal has 100 million reasons to hope so! We put it to the eOpinion community to see what they thought.

Are you a fan of podcasts? | eOpinion
Although many of the eOpinion team are big fans of podcasting we were all a little surprised that 36% of those polled agreed with us, what is still perceived a little as a growing content platform has a pretty firm base of fans already.

Grace from Swansea said:

I’ve been listening to podcasts for years now and I have to say I’ve found a great balance of shows that both educate and entertain. Joe Rogan in particular has a great knack of doing both at the same time.

Are you a fan of Joe Rogan? | eOpinion
There is no question that podcast headliner Joe has a big audience in the US but even here in the UK, 21% of those polled said they were fans, this gives a little glimpse in to the numbers that have brought Spotify to the table.

Tim L. from Canterbury, Kent said:

For me Joe Rogan is podcasting, his is the only show I listen to.

Do you have Spotify? | eOpinion
In what is clearly an acquisition play from Spotify, despite having a very sizeable audience already (23%) and premium outperforming free, you can see that every small % increase globally, will soon have that $100 million repaid.

Gary from Warwickshire said:

I’ve had Spotify for years, despite offers from the likes of Apple and Amazon, I have no plans to go elsewhere.

Spotify / Joe Rogan | eOpinion
This is where things got interesting on this Speedy Poll. Despite all the fans of both podcasts and Joe Rogan, only 6% said they would move across to Spotify to listen to him in the future.

Rachel from London said:

I do enjoy listening to the Joe Rogan experience occasionally but I’m just not sure I can be bothered to download another app and then have the dilemma of whether having to pay for no adverts or not?!

Spotify Upgrade x Joe Rogan | eOpinion
10% of our community said they would upgrade to a premium account to avoid adverts with a pretty high 83% saying they wouldn’t. I wonder if that’ll still be the case after a few shows with adverts or not?

Good deal? Verdict: Undecided

There’s no doubt it is a great deal for Mr. Rogan, whether that is the same for Spotify not, unfortunately, only time will tell. It does seem like a big gamble but the JRE audience is big and loyal and with the added press this deal is getting it’s highly likely he’ll be picking up even more listeners, if they convert to Spotify premium members then it could just be a steal!

The survey was conducted on with 2.171 people on 21st-24th May 2020 and is nationally representative.


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