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Your views on the current school system

Whilst there has been a very understandable spotlight on exams results over the last few weeks, we wanted to know what you think about the wider school system. Does it still work? Or are changes needed?

School options | eOpinion.orgStrikingly, less than a third of respondents (29%) would be happy with the current school system and the educational options available to them if they were 15 again in 2020.

What, therefore, would need to be different for us to feel that system worked for us?

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Whilst there were minor mentions for the timing of the school year and the mechanics of how results are actually assessed, helping children prepare for working life is far and away the single most important thing that our respondents think needs to be addressed in the context of the current school system.

The top five is completed with quality of the teaching (17%) , range of subjects offered by schools (15%), emphasis on results / school performance (11%) and school funding (10%).

How results are assessed has clearly been the the headline issue of the last few weeks but in terms of the bigger picture the eOpinion tribe has other priorities it wants looking at.

Do a better job than school system? | eOpinion.orgWhilst non-parents marginally back themselves to a better job than parents – 46% of non-parents compared to 42% of parents think they could do a better job of educating their children than the current school system – the majority think that school is the place for a child’s education.

How much will the government now focus on schools?

Whilst the papers are reporting that the Prime Minister is going to take the lead in an educational review, will the biggest issue that you highlighted in this Speedy Poll – preparedness for working life – be addressed in that?

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This Speedy Poll was conducted on with 2,906 people on 14 – 24 August 2020. The results are from this individual poll alone and are not nationally representative.

The eOpinions expressed here are those of the respondents to the Speedy Poll: “What do you think about the current school system?” They do not to reflect the views of Hutch Media Group Ltd t/a eOpinion itself.

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