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Who has 10-15mins spare to fill out a survey?!

We use 30sec Speedy Polls ® to drive engagement and actionable insights across marketing, CX, HR, product and brand.

Surveys can be incredibly powerful if utilised correctly, unfortunately many don’t, resulting in poor engagement, low completion rates and a negative experience with your brand that doesn’t yield many benefits.

Using our panel and targeted social media marketing we can get our Speedy Polls in front of more people and very quickly.

Our surveys are quick and interesting and as a result engagement/click-through rates are high and drop off rates are low.

It’s amazing the amount of data and information you can get out of 3 or 4 well thought out and well crafted questions. And will take the user less than 30 seconds to complete.

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Digital PR | eOpinion

Use our Speedy Polls and Data Sets to help you create a story people want to talk about, showcase social proof via testimonials from brand advocates and create case studies tailored to your products or company. Talk to us about sponsorship opportunities and how we can get your brand name out there in front of the eOpinion tribe and further afield.

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If you work in PR and are feeling a bit lazy or uninspired, it’s worth checking out our Data Sets.

CX | eOpinion

Retention is the new acquisition! Utilise Speedy Poll’s to create more interactive touch points with your users and customers. Give your customers an engaging experience that makes them feel valued by a brand and something they want to talk about to the people they know. Get user led actionable learnings that can help you push forward and create valuable enhancements to your organisation.

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Team | eOpinion

Our Speedy Poll Team Snapshot and Suggestion Box solutions provide a way to help your team members have a voice and really feel part of something. Using a 3rd party allows for a degree of anonymity and honesty that provides real actionable insight for all levels of management and also social proof opportunities when recruiting.

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Brand | eOpinion

Do you want to know how your brand is perceived by the people who matter? Do you want to know how your brand stacks up against your closest competitors? We use a Speedy Poll to answer these questions in a quick and engaging way that can be tracked week by week or month by month.

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Product | eOpinion

Using the Speedy Poll functionality you can create persona profiles and a place for your audience to give ideas and feedback on your products and iterations whether new or old. The audience can be varying sizes and closed or open depending upon your requirements.

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Contact | eOpinion

If any of the above raises any questions or fans the idea flames about how you could benefit from incorporating Speedy Polls in to your business, we would be happy to chat with you and explore options.


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