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Perception is key!

Should you care what people think about your brand?

You can’t be all things to all people but knowing how your brand is perceived in the market and against fellow competitors is important.

Any marginal gain you can make in brand perception, awareness, what consumers feel about you and what you stand for will have incremental and important benefits to your company.

Brand Tracker

Use our brand Speedy Poll to continuously track consumer sentiment when it comes to your (or your competitors) business.

Show how your brand measures around what is important to you, whether it be trust, product/service specific, campaign effectiveness, feelings around recommending you or just over all brand feelings.

Can you move the needle from being quite well liked to loved?

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NPS (Net Promoter Score)

Measure customer experience and satisfaction to ensure they are happy to recommend you.

Continually tracking NPS is a great way to see how you are performing at a brand or product/service level and identify areas for improvement.

It’s been shown that improving your NPS will lead to impressive improvements in growth.

Click to see how easy it is to start tracking your NPS.

Competitor Comparison

Using brand logos and assets, this Speedy Poll shows how identifiable and recognisable you are compared to your direct competitors.

Do you need to up your game promoting your brand as a whole or at a specific product/service level?

Click to find out how this works in the real world.

Brand Lift

Are you putting out a new marketing campaign? Increasing your paid social budget? Producing a TV ad to repurpose on YouTube?

Use this Speedy Poll to measure changes in awareness, perception, consideration and purchase intent pre and post the campaign going live.

Click to find out more on measuring campaign effectiveness.


Make it easy for your biggest fans to provide testimonials that you can publish on your site and social channels.

Social proof is a powerful tool and none better to provide it than those who love what you do!

Click to see how easy it is to implement testimonials at scale.

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