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It’s not the 90’s, reduce the salesy!

Don’t bore your audience, engage them and stay front of mind.

Inboxes are a mess!

In an era when we are inundated with sales messages, use our Speedy Polls to give you something to converse with your audience about.

Whilst there’s always a place for sales messages, the sheer volume we receive every day in our inbox means more often than not we are numb to it or more likely don’t even open it.


Implementing our Engage product in to your CRM process will soon have your open and click rates drastically improving.

Sending regular Speedy Polls to your audience, whether it be daily, weekly, monthly can kickstart engagement and sales.

Asking opinions of your audience on various topics makes them feel valued.

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Post touchpoint Feedback

Possibly the most important Speedy Poll an organisation can run.

If your customer is happy, take that momentum and encourage them to leave a positive review on your platform of choice as well as follow you on your social media channels.

In the situation where the customer is not as happy as you’d like you can learn quickly and nip it in the bud before they go public with their views. Issues do happen we all know that but it is how companies deal with it which is key.

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Product Awareness

Ramp up your sales, targeting people

Introduce new product lines, promotions or raise awareness on underperforming or time sensitive products by introducing them visually and benefit led in a Speedy Poll.

Perfect for upsells and cross sells. Oh you bought a camera? Tell us which related tripod you prefer, A, B or C? How about this selection of cases? And finally which microphone do you think is the best?

A sales message but intelligently crafted and less ‘salesy’.

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User Research

Get a representative view of your audience, understand their needs and find out if the ones that complain the most are in the minority or worth listening to.

Don’t make expensive or incorrect changes because of 1% of your audience.

A quick turnaround on our Speedy Polls means you can obtain evidence and use it to validate feedback and inform business decisions at short notice.

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🗣 Refer a friend

📢 Word of mouth – the most effective marketing channel there is!

🗣 Using one of our RAF Speedy Polls can help you nudge your users to tell the people who trust them about your brand.

💰 Adding gamification or an incentive can turbo charge referrals.

Click to talk to us about introducing in to your marketing mix or improving your existing RAF approach.


We all have databases filled with users who we have talked to in the past but for some reason have just drifted away.

Although dormant, marketing to existing users is far cheaper than acquiring new ones.

The main aim is getting them to buy or interact again but if that is not possible, finding out why they dropped off is a valuable back up.

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User Generated Content

An engaged user is a wonderful thing.

Getting them to provide you with content that you can publish across your social media and content marketing strategy is a powerful thing.

Anything from guides, product demos, unboxing, competitions, FAQ’s and more can be used to make your brand be more personable and engaging.

There is a lot of opportunity to when getting your users to help you promote your brand and products.

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