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Work with your users to improve your organisation’s products.

Listen to those who love your brand.

We are not saying all ideas from your users and the public will be gold but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t talk to them.

Product Speedy Polls have a quick turnaround so you can get the answers you need quickly.

Get that feedback loop performing well and things become a bit easier and products become just a little bit better.

Creative testing

Learn what your existing users like the look of, whether it is imagery, colours or messaging.

If you are targeting a certain demographic, we can test different creatives with different target markets to improve effectiveness.

Get your creative working as effectively as possible.

Click to see how your audience can help you pick the best creative to use.

Beta Testing

Get actionable feedback and remove the cumbersome nature of beta testing by conducting via a Speedy Poll.

Reducing the number of choices and questions reduces survey fatigue and actually gets you quick and accurate input you need.

Click to get quick feedback on new ideas.

Case Studies

Using case studies whether it be part of your marketing, branding, onboarding or something else can be very beneficial.

Let people contribute to them in a quick and painless way via a Speedy Poll.

Engaging your audience and asking for their input in to case studies make them feel listened to and valued.

Click to learn how we can help you quickly put together a great case study.

New feature request

A simple Speedy Poll product but an incredibly powerful and important one.

We can’t come up with all the great ideas for our businesses, let the people who know you best and use your products regularly lighten the load, inspire you and suggest things you may have never considered.

Many people are happy to share thoughts and ideas if not too much of a burden. You could even add gamification or an incentive to make the suggestions start pouring in!

Add it in to your footer, about page or fire it out to your user base and see what diamonds you can unearth.

Click to find out how your users can inspire you.

Persona Building

Targeting certain groups in your marketing can be incredibly effective. Sending the wrong type of products to the wrong type of people is just a waste of time.

Persona building can often be a bit of a rabbit hole but doing so via a Speedy Poll limits the demographics in a positive way.

At the highest level there is, do you know the gender of your audience?

Interests and other demographics can be worked out depending on your business.

For example: Are you a jewellery business? Find out whether your audience loves/hates gold vs platinum vs silver, length of necklace, earrings vs bracelets vs rings etc. and contact them with the right products. A simple question with a rewarding answer.

Click to talk to us about how we can help you build personas in an easy and impactful way.

Idea Validation

Before investing time, money and resources in to building something out, go to your audience, your power users, and see if it is something they think they would use.

A simple but effective use of a Speedy Poll.

Click to see how you can get speedy feedback on your ideas before committing.

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