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A happy and engaged team is a productive team and your greatest asset.

Simplicity, speed and (if required) anonymity

Regularly checking in and engaging with your team is essential at the best of times, even more so at the moment.

eOpinion will help you provide them a place to share their views and opinions easily and without risk of judgment resulting in honest feedback.

Team Snapshot

Introduce our customisable Speedy Polls ® to regularly, in an engaging way track how your team are feeling on certain topics, measure morale levels and identify issues early leading to increased employee engagement, greater productivity and higher retention rates.

Utilising a 3rd party provider like eOpinion encourages honest and constructive feedback (anonymously if required) that’ll leave your team feeling engaged and listened to.

Create a score based on your questions & answers that can be measured across department/whole company to be used in reporting, OKR’s, KPI’s, board pack etc.

Use results of the team snapshot to create social proof for hiring/social media.

Implementing changes identified via the Team Snapshot will increase positivity among your team and encourage continued feedback leading to growth.

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Suggestion Box (included with compliments to all Team Snapshots)

An open 24/7 digital suggestion box that allows team member to share their ideas whenever inspiration or frustration hits.

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Exit Interview

Increase the likelihood of actionable insights from a virtual exit interview.

Encourage honest feedback through participants being able to fill in at their own leisure and in the comfort of their own surroundings without pressure or judgement.

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New Starter

Starting at a new company can be daunting. A Speedy Poll can be used in several ways when onboarding.

Perhaps breaking down all the different questions that need to be answered for HR in to bite size chunks that can be filled in at different times, payroll, next of kin, references, address details etc.

You can also have a Speedy Poll with questions that you ask all new starters for introduction announcements to the company creating talking points and consistency.

Click to make sure your new starters are onboarded easily and off to a great start.

Post event check in

Whether it is a Zoom quiz, some PDP training, team offsite or any other work related event, follow up with a Speedy Poll to ensure everything that wanted to be achieved was achieved.

Click to make sure your events are doing what you are wanting and paying them to do.

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