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Sunday 7 - Issue #10 | eOpinion

1. To Infinity and Beyond! 🚀

I love this story and the use of survey data and it’s a great way to kick us off this week.

Sky polled parents of 2-7 year olds and found two-thirds of kids use catchphrases from their favourite programmes every day, two-thirds also refer to shows using only sounds with one in ten snorting like a pig to confirm they wanted to watch Peppa.

With over half of parents still not fully able to understand what their kids want to watch Sky took this info and launched a ‘kids quote voice search’ which will find the right film/show based on a catchphrase. That’s pretty clever!

You can find out more here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #10 | eOpinion

2. Open Wide! 🦷

Next up is another potential victim of the pandemic that we’ve not really heard about.

The British Dental Association (BDA) surveyed the nation’s dentists and found that due to pressures as a result of COVID, 47% said they were “likely” or “extremely likely” to “reduce their NHS commitment”. And 30% said they were minded to “go fully private”.

A statistic in this article where the story came from also showed that 30 million appointments have been “lost” due to the Covid-19 crisis. So the above poll results are not overly surprising.

Sunday 7 - Issue #10 | eOpinion

3. Good news for renters! 🏠

Landlords are often not seen in the best of light but a survey conducted by The Deposit Protection Service (The DPS) and Zephyr Homeloans shows that 43% of landlords had temporarily lowered rents during the pandemic to help tenants.

The report also showed that 34% of landlords have recently bought or soon intend to buy another buy-to-let property within the next nine months.

You can find more details on this story here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #10 | eOpinion

4. Merry Junemas ya filthy animals! 🎄

Christmas is coming back this Summer!

Having been locked down for the last one, Hayes Garden World found that 10% of folks are looking to have another one in June once restrictions are lifted.

Some stats include:

  • Almost half (46%) are planning on giving gifts to one another
  • 35% will have Christmas crackers
  • And 1 in 4 (27%) will put up and decorate a Christmas tree for the occasion

For more details, read this.

Sunday 7 - Issue #10 | eOpinion

5. Should pensions be simpler? 🧮

Last week I talked about a poll that showed maths is a worry for many.

This week I’ve seen a survey by Royal London that highlights only 15 per cent fully understood how tax relief on pension contributions works, with a further 31 per cent claiming they had some understanding.

With so much money at stake, I can’t help feel that more should be done about this.

This article from The Actuary covers a lot more on the survey if of interest.

Sunday 7 - Issue #10 | eOpinion

6. Did you keep the receipt? 🛍

Internet shopping is great, until that jumper turns up and you’re not quite as trim as you thought you were!

And expectations are high, if the return experience is not great, us consumers are a ruthless bunch!

Fintech company Klarna found 82% of consumers think retailers need to up their return game.

84% of online shoppers would blacklist a retailer after a bad returns experience.

84% say they are more likely to buy from and 86% are more likely to come back to online merchants who offer free returns.

Return frustration also arises from, slow refunds (36%), no printer to print off forms (25%), going to the post office (23%).

For more details on this story have a look at this article from eDelivery.

Sunday 7 - Issue #10 | eOpinion

7. Summer is coming! 😎

Finishing strong and positive this week.

The Genius of Play has spoken to both parents and kids who are expecting to have a great summer this year.

And I’m with them!!

91% of parents said they’re doing everything they can to make this summer special for their child.

With 62% of parents prioritising playtime with their kids and 59% of kids picking playtime as their number one activity of choice, most should be happy!

A full breakdown of the survey can be found here.

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