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Sunday 7 - Issue #14 | eOpinion

1. This headline will prolly really annoy you! 🤬

Research agency Perspectus Global conducted a poll recently looking at the most annoying mispronounced words.

Pacifically instead of specifically was the highest with 35% of people annoyed by it.

You can check out the full list here, there are some crackers!

Sunday 7 - Issue #14 | eOpinion

2. Kitchen colour is important when selling your home! 🌈

Tradesperson website Rated People released their home improvement trends report this week.

Lots of insights to be read but one that caught my eye was the impact the kitchen colour has on a house purchasing decision.

Over a quarter of people said that a white kitchen would make them more likely to buy a house. 😮

If you are planning any kitchen renovations in the near future, this article may be worth a read!

Sunday 7 - Issue #14 | eOpinion

3. Size isn’t everything! 🍆

An unexpected report from Lloyds Pharmacy was sent to me this week.

They researched Google search trends to see where men were most confident in the size of their penis.

Men in London apparently googled ‘is my penis too small?’ the most with men in Newcastle searching the term the least.

I have my reservations about the methodology of this report but it’s slightly entertaining nonetheless.

You can learn more here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #14 | eOpinion

4. Worrying times on the road! 😬

I saw some scary stats courtesy of Uswitch this week.

They polled drivers and found 15% didn’t recognise a t-junction sign and when they arrive at said junction, 20% don’t know who has right of way!

They also highlight a whopping 40% of drivers don’t know common road sign meanings.

Learn more here and stay safe out there!

Sunday 7 - Issue #14 | eOpinion

5. It’s lawless out there! 🚓

Continuing the driving theme, reports from the AA this week show that 74% of drivers think there are fewer police on the roads making it easier to get away with dodgy driving.

Only 20% think there is a police presence on local roads rising to 25% on the motorway.

More details can be found here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #14 | eOpinion

6. Superstitious Apple fans! 1️⃣3️⃣

According to a report from US company Sell Cell, 18% of those they polled would be put off buying the next iPhone if it were to be named iPhone 13.

Men are twice as likely as women to be bothered about the number 13.

And 82% would not care if it was called the iPhone 13.

You can see more on this report here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #14 | eOpinion

7. Biggest purchase, shortest consideration time! 🏡

As someone who has just moved house, this final inclusion in the Sunday 7 does not surprise me in the slightest.

A survey commissioned by U-See Homes has found that half of homebuyers spend 30mins or less viewing their future home.

It’s ridiculous when you think about it!

More details on this story can be found here.

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