Sunday 7 - Issue #17 | eOpinion

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Sunday 7 - Issue #17 | eOpinion

1. Thoughts on Freedom Day! 🤔

This Monday is Freedom Day in England.

The day Boris Johnson flicks the switch on COVID restrictions. 🎚

It would appear not everyone agrees with the idea.

Half of the public want rules to stay in place – read here.

Another piece of research by parcelhero has the numbers at 68.5% of people wanting measures to stay – read here. 😬

What do you think?

Sunday 7 - Issue #17 | eOpinion

2. Having trouble selling your house? 🏡

Research by GoCompare has revealed what turns buyers off the most when house hunting.

Top of the list is the lack of outdoor space closely followed by damp.

Looking to sell? Have a read here, fix what you can and watch the offers come rolling in!

Sunday 7 - Issue #17 | eOpinion

3. You’re fired! ❌

Careful what you post on social media!

There has been a couple of stories recently about people losing their jobs as a result of social media posts.

We put it to the eOpinion tribe to see if they thought employers were right to make decisions like this.

Do you agree with the below figures?

Sunday 7 - Issue #17 | eOpinion

Sunday 7 - Issue #17 | eOpinion

4. Itching to hit the piste? ⛷ 🏂

Many of us have had our holiday dreams dashed during the pandemic and there is still lots of uncertainty. 😞

Thankfully (and hopefully correctly) research from Skitude and Mountain Trade Network is showing a light at the end of the tunnel.

They surveyed destinations and operators who were very upbeat about the upcoming season with 97% expecting to be operating fully this winter.

For the rest of the ‘good news for ski bunnies’ stats – click here.

Will you be hitting the slopes this winter?

Sunday 7 - Issue #17 | eOpinion

5. How can we be getting it wrong? 🧼

Survey data released by CeraVe this week has found that over half of us are not washing our faces properly. 🤯

Who knew?!

If you are interested and want to find out what half of you are doing wrong, have a look here!

Do you agree with this?

Sunday 7 - Issue #17 | eOpinion

6. Love a little win! 😀

Online casino Casumo has released data from a study this week showing some of things we love as little victories.

From inserting a USB stick first time to finding some cash down the back of the sofa.

With less than half polled considering themselves mainly positive, having these little victories sound like a good and much-needed thing.

More insight on the report can be found here.

What was your latest little victory?

Sunday 7 - Issue #17 | eOpinion

7. House buyers remorse! 🤑

With house prices doing what they have done in the last year or so, this one is not particularly surprising.

Aviva polled new home buyers and found 50% regret the price they paid compared to 12% back in 2017.

A whopping 92% of recent buyers found issues in their homes that they had not seen pre-purchase.

For more insights from this interesting report, click here.

Are you one of the 92%?

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