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Sunday 7 - Issue #18 | eOpinion

1. Things to avoid to not look old. 👴👵

Worried about looking old?

Research from Love Energy Savings has revealed the things that cool and trendy millennials think make those older than them, look even older.

So, if you use cash, 💷 have a hankie up your sleeve, smoke 🚬 or write lists with pen and paper ✍🏼, you may want to check out this article to see what else you need to be aware of!

What do you think? Are you young and think it’s right? Or old and think it’s totally wrong?

Sunday 7 - Issue #18 | eOpinion

2. Snoring! 💤

I saw a report about snoring that may or may not have got me a little worried this week.

A survey by Mute Snoring revealed some alarming numbers for us snorers. 😴

83% of us apparently either snore or live with someone who does.

Men are most likely to be the culprits. 😬

13% have argued as a result of snoring. 🤬

10% have broken up with someone over snoring!! 💔

For more interesting stats on the topic, you can read about it here.

Are you a snorer? Do you live with one?

Sunday 7 - Issue #18 | eOpinion

3. Want to be a good role model? 👍

We all want to be a good role model to our kids. 👶

A survey by Ipsos Mori this week has shown which professions are the best role models.

Top of the list is NHS workers with a massive 83%!! 👩‍⚕️

Bottom of the list were reality stars and influencers. 📺

To find out the rest, click here.

Are you a good role model?

Sunday 7 - Issue #18 | eOpinion

4. Is your dog going to cost you? 🐶 🚙

As a non-dog owner, I found this one interesting. 🐕

Did you know if you don’t properly secure your dog you are breaching the highway code and could be fined up to £5k?! It also invalidates your car insurance. 😬

Direct line put it to their pet insurance customers and found 37% admitted to not securing the dog.

11% also said their dog had distracted them while driving. 🚗

If you are a dog owner and want to know what else you should be looking out for, click here.

Are you guilty of the above? Perhaps for that quick 5 min trip to the shops?

Sunday 7 - Issue #18 | eOpinion

5. Hey Siri, stop listening to me! 📱

A survey by YouGov this week found that many of us believe our mobile phone is listening to us.

66% claim to have seen an advert for something after speaking about it. 📱

22% of them believe it was due to their phone listening to them. 👂

The younger generation is more concerned about it.

The full story can be found here.

What do you think? Are you being listened to? 😮

Sunday 7 - Issue #18 | eOpinion

6. Be on guard! 💸

Another Sunday 7, another scam related story. ☹️

Action Fraud shared fraud reports were up 33% from 2020 to 400k.

But, a survey conducted by the ONS revealed only 10% of people report them meaning numbers could be as high as 4 million people impacted. 4 million!! 🤯

Full report can be found here.

Have you or someone you know been impacted?

Sunday 7 - Issue #18 | eOpinion

7. The nation’s fave ice cream is…….. 🍦

The sun has been out and we’ve been eating ice cream! 🌞

Frozen treat mega brand, Unilever reckon they sell on average 12 ice creams every second during a British summer.

It was also reported Flake producer Cadbury couldn’t keep up with demand for the 99 topper. 🍦

But, that’s all fluff. Gala Bingo conducted research to see which frozen treat was the favourite of the nation. 📈

The top 5:

  1. Magnum 👍
  2. Cornetto
  3. The 99
  4. A feast 🤔
  5. Solero

More on the story can be found here.

Agree? Travesty of ice cream justice?

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