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Sunday 7 - Issue #19 | eOpinion

1. How are you feeling? 🤒

One of our own to get things underway this week.

And a surprising one at that.

After reading an article about chronic health issues HR from Wiltshire got in touch to see if we could dig a little deeper on the topic.

As you’ll see from the numbers below, it’s pretty worrying.

Look after yourself folks and if you have a niggle, go get it checked out!

The Daily eOpinion | 29th July 2021

Sunday 7 - Issue #19 | eOpinion

2. Are we there yet? ⛱

If you are anything like me, you’ll have fond memories of childhood holidays. have produced a study tapping into our nostalgia to find out the top choice of UK holiday resorts.

The South West fared pretty well with Cornwall and Devon coming in first and second respectively.

To see if your favourite made the Top 10, click here.

Did your favourite place feature on the list?

Sunday 7 - Issue #19 | eOpinion

3. Broadband is down….. again! 🤬

We’ve all been there, working, netflixing, gaming and the circle of doom appears.

A study by USwitch has revealed that nearly 15 million homes have had their broadband down for 3+ hours at least once in the last year.

This equated to ~16 million working days!

Edinburgh apparently has the highest chance of an outage!

For more details on this topic, click here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #19 | eOpinion

4. Lockdown has been stressful! 😤

It’s probably a safe bet that you’ve argued during lockdown.

A stressful situation, living in close quarters being locked down make it highly likely words have been had.

Cushelle researched the topic to find out what has been the most popular straw to break the camel’s back.

The top three were:

  1. Someone leaving all the lights on when they aren’t in the room.
  2. Someone leaving shoes in the middle of the floor/ in the doorway.
  3. Messy bedrooms.

For the rest, have a read of this article.

Sunday 7 - Issue #19 | eOpinion

5. This one is a shocker! 🚑

The college of paramedics revealed some disturbing stats this week.

70% of paramedics had feared for their safety or felt threatened while working.

49% had suffered physical abuse.

80% verbally abused.

These numbers are outrageous and if you are a perpetrator you should be ashamed of yourself.

More on this story can be found here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #19 | eOpinion

6. Are things on the up? 📈

We ran another lockdown related Speedy Poll this week.

It would appear sentiment along with the news cycle changes pretty quickly.

As you can see from the numbers below, optimism is growing.

Let’s hope the numbers stay positive!

The Daily eOpinion | 29th July 2021

Sunday 7 - Issue #19 | eOpinion

7. Fore! ⛳️

Golf has always been a little traditional.

A poll from Golf Magic has shown that a quarter of their audience is not happy with an untucked shirt on the course.

The other way to look at this would be that 74% are not fussed.

Perhaps golf is starting to relax a bit.

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