Sunday 7 - Issue #38 | eOpinion

Good afternoon, I hope you are having a rejuvenating weekend after a stressful week of Christmas parties and wallpaper.

Welcome to issue #38 of the eOpinion Sunday 7.

As always, firstly some housekeeping – here is Friday’s Daily eOpinion if you didn’t get round to it yet.

Now time for the Sunday 7 round-up from this week, enjoy!

Sunday 7 - Issue #38 | eOpinion

1. Dating Burnout?

So it turns out dating is tiring… Research from dating app Badoo found that 78% of daters feel stress and burnout due to mismatched intentions.

The survey also unveiled the average number of failed dates singletons go on a year and how much spent on these dating failures.

Hang in there fellow single soldiers.

Learn more here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #38 | eOpinion

2. The Die Hard Christmas Film debate.

A recent YouGov poll has potentially settled the long-debated matter of whether the Bruce Willis classic is a Christmas movie.

It’s a close call and with only 3 per cent in it, there is going to be some kickback to the result.

I do respectfully have to disagree with the final call, let us know what you think.

Results here

Sunday 7 - Issue #38 | eOpinion

3. Unsolicited pics.

A study by academics at University College London and the University of Kent found that three in four girls have been sent sexual images via apps, a third of the young people surveyed “don’t think reporting works.”.

Close to half of the harassment had come from what appeared to be adult men, including adults who had created false identities. 

Children’s safety groups have called for stricter measures to be enforced to prevent unsolicited sexual images from being sent.

Read more here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #38 | eOpinion

4. Renting no longer for just the young…

Middle-aged renters now make up more than a quarter of the PRS (professional rented sector), debunking the myth that renting is for only young professionals and students.

The National statistics English Housing Survey 2020 to 2021 found that over the last 10 years the number of 45-54-year-olds renting privately has grown, while owner-occupiers in that age group fell.

Find out more here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #38 | eOpinion

5. Free from Finger Food.

Brits will shun canapés at Christmas this year according to new research due to yet again …. Covid concerns.

survey by INEOS Hygienics has reported that ‘carrot sticks and even humble hummus causing significant concern.’

Personally, I am now ‘significantly concerned’ that there will be a lack of Christmas nibbles this year.

Read more about concerning finger food here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #38 | eOpinion

6. Like a Pig in Blanket.

A study from Boursin encouraging consumers to get creative with their Christmas leftovers has unveiled the whopping number of roast potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and ladles of gravy we Brits will consume this Christmas.

The research also found that all together we will eat 208 million boxes of chocolates over the holiday, you can thank me for my overwhelming contribution later.

Find out more here

Sunday 7 - Issue #38 | eOpinion

7. Norwich the Vegan Hotspot.

A survey by retail giant Ocado, of roughly 3,500 people, found Norwich had the highest proportion of vegans, followed by Brighton, Stroud, Lewes, and Hove.

Luckily for Norwich vegans, it is also ranked one of the top 5 UK vegan hotspots.

Read more here.

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