Sunday 7 - Issue #4 | eOpinion

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Sunday 7 - Issue #4 | eOpinion

1. Rock and Rule? 🪨

Following (half-hearted?) rumours of him running for US president, Newsweek ran a poll to see the thoughts of the nation which led to Dwayne Johnson sharing his thoughts on Instagram. He didn’t rule it out!

A pretty impressive 46% said they would support him!

Will we see DJ in the White House in a few years? Stranger things have happened in the not too distant past!

More details here

Sunday 7 - Issue #4 | eOpinion

2. A solid foundation of building blocks! 🧱

A global survey by Reptrak has ranked Lego as the most reputable company in the world.

Gaining a status of ‘excellent’ the only company to do so, they were closely followed by Rolex and Ferrari who were second and third respectively.

Not a bad award to win.

Keep your eyes peeled for the debut of eOpinion and Hutch Media Group next year! 😀

More details

Sunday 7 - Issue #4 | eOpinion

3. Of course they do! 🙄

A survey by gaming company HyperX 🎮 has revealed that, wait for it, more than half (55%) of 13-18 year old children think that gaming should be added to the school curriculum!

To be fair, I would probably have voted the same when I was at school.

With the rise of gaming as a profession maybe they are on to something. I knew I should have played more Fifa when I was younger!

Unsurprisingly, when parents were asked the same, only 25% thought it was a good idea. Still, perhaps higher than you may have thought.

More details and here

Sunday 7 - Issue #4 | eOpinion

4. The BBC may have got it a little wrong. 📺

Following the death of Prince Philip, the BBC decided to pull all programming from both main channels and replace it with tributes and coverage of the news.

A YouGov poll found that 57% thought it was too much.

Interestingly, a Speedy Poll we ran the day before also found that 57% thought it was not the right decision by the BBC.

The Daily eOpinion | 14th April 2021

With the Daily eOpinion the day before showing that only 28% were very sad about the news, 50 a little sad and 22% not sad at all, maybe so much coverage was a bit OTT.

More details

The Daily eOpinion | 13th April 2021

Sunday 7 - Issue #4 | eOpinion

5. Not all business owners want a unicorn. 🦄

Accounting software company Xero polled business owners recently to get insights into the thoughts of the small business community.

While many may believe that growth is key and everyone wants to be the next Bezos or Musk, 70% apparently have little desire to grow their business.

Over half say being your own boss is a key issue. Looking back at one or two of my past bosses, I’m not hugely surprised by this! 😂

Running a business to suit a lifestyle was highlighted by an additional 40%. I really buy in to this stat and actually, I’m surprised it’s not a little higher.

If interested, this techradar article shares a few more insights.

Sunday 7 - Issue #4 | eOpinion

6. Post lockdown spending concerns. 💷

KIS Finance ran a survey looking at spending post-lockdown.

You can find all the numbers here but a couple of the interesting headline numbers include the following:

38.1% of people are concerned over pressure from friends and family to go out and make the most of being out of lockdown when they can’t afford it.

Over half (52.8%) of 18-24 year olds are fearing post-lockdown social pressures after being one of the groups most affected financially by the pandemic.

People living in the South East and specifically in London, are the most concerned about the ability to afford socialising after lockdown and the risk of losing their jobs when restrictions ease.

Click here to read the full report.

Sunday 7 - Issue #4 | eOpinion
Image courtesy of Transport & Environment

7. Momentum in EV’s is picking up steam! 🚗

There is no getting away from the increasing rise in attention that electric vehicles are getting.

It’s only been a couple of weeks but we’ve not forgotten ‘Voltswagen‘!

With this increased coverage comes lots of surveys. While researching this week’s Sunday 7 I saw quite a few but in the interest of keeping it brief, I’ll highlight two.

Nissan ran a survey that found 70% of Europeans would consider an EV when purchasing their next car with unsurprisingly perhaps, environmental benefits cited as the most popular reason. The full report can be found here.

The Transport & Environment group ran a poll looking at the EU ban on petrol and diesel cars post 2030. The poll which targeted the biggest cities in Europe found that 63% of city dwellers supported the initiative. More details can be found here.

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