Sunday 7 - Issue #42 | eOpinion

Happy Sunday eOpinion tribe, we’ve made it through January, pat on the back’s all round!

Welcome to issue #42 of the eOpinion Sunday 7.

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Now time for the Sunday 7 round-up from this week, enjoy!

Sunday 7 - Issue #42 | eOpinion

1. TripAdvisor Addicts

The average person reads 17 online reviews before settling on a vacation spot says a recent survey by OnePoll and commissioned by homestay company Plum Guide.

The survey found that 67 percent confess to being “obsessed” with scrolling through reviews, despite 46 percent being previously let down by misleading feedback left by a stranger.

I have to admit that I am a seasoned TripAdvisor review scroller, but it’s just good research, right?

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Sunday 7 - Issue #42 | eOpinion

2. Parents hate homework

Mums and dads dread helping their kids with homework, reveals a new poll from Akribian – creators of the new app, ‘Count on me!’.

Parents dread helping out with maths in particular, with 47 per cent of those surveyed saying they find the subject hardest to tackle.

Hang in there parents it’s not forever! Who knows Pythagoras’ theorem and algebra might come in handy for you too.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #42 | eOpinion

3. Savage Survey Response

A staff survey response posted by John_Sinclair went viral on Reddit this week.

Sinclair captioned the picture of his survey response stating: ‘We had to take an “anonymous” survey at work today. This is my somewhat strongly worded response.’

And it’s fair to say Sinclair did not hold back.

I counted 6 uses of the ‘f word’ alone.

You can read his entire response here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #42 | eOpinion

4. Are influencers that influential?

New research suggests just four per cent of fashion buyers choose their style based on celebrity or influencer promotions.

A survey by the University of Hull found that consumers are paying more attention to “globally important issues” when making shopping decisions.

The survey found that of the four per cent who said celebrity or influencer endorsements impacted their clothing choices, eight per cent were between the ages of 18 to 24 while just one per cent were over 55.

As a self-diagnosed shopaholic, it does not take much to persuade me to purchase, well, anything, endorsements or not.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #42 | eOpinion

5. Not confident in Helping the Homeless

A new survey by StreetLink has revealed that 64% of adults wouldn’t feel confident in knowing the best way to help someone sleeping rough.

The survey, commissioned by the charity Homeless Link and carried out by Opinium, revealed the barriers preventing people from helping and how StreetLink may help with that.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #42 | eOpinion

6. Kinder Colleagues Post-covid

Half of workers are kinder to colleagues than before Covid, but many are still not getting the mental health support they need at work, a poll by AXA has found.

The survey revealed that workers feel that the stigma around mental health has declined as a result of the pandemic and nearly half (49%) said they are more likely to open up if they feel they need support.

At least there have been some silver linings from the Covid-19 pandemic.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #42 | eOpinion

7. Relationship trumps earnings when it comes to money

It’s not what people earn, but their relationship with money that is more likely to help them find happiness, according to new research by the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS).

MaPS’ new Financial Wellbeing Survey, found that people who have “high financial wellbeing” (the feeling of being secure and in control of their money) are amongst the most content in society.

Maybe I should look to improve my relationship with money to find happiness, rather than depending on my weekly ASOS parcel.

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