Sunday 7 - Issue #44 | eOpinion

Happy Sunday eOpinion tribe, hope you are feeling the love in time for Valentine’s Day tomorrow.

Welcome to issue #44 of the eOpinion Sunday 7.

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Now time for the Sunday 7 round-up from this week, enjoy!

Sunday 7 - Issue #44 | eOpinion

1. Valentine Serenade

If you are celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, you may be interested in this recent Uber survey which has revealed the nation’s top 20 love songs of all time.

The survey also discloses the most romantic genres and artists, which include the likes of Ed Sheeran, Elton John, and Celine Dion.

If you’re currently constructing your Valentine’s playlist you will need to include the number 1 love song of all time, which of course is the iconic ballad ‘I Will Always Love You’ sung by Whitney Houston.

Click here to see the other 19 top love songs of all time.

Sunday 7 - Issue #44 | eOpinion

2. We are doing Italian food all wrong!

A new international YouGov survey identifies 11 ‘food crimes’ committed against Italian cuisine by the rest of the world.

Some of the divisive crimes against Italian food include; putting oil in the water you are cooking pasta in and snapping dry spaghetti before boiling it.

The most distressing abuse of Italian food was voted to be having ketchup with pasta.

Putting pasta in cold water and then boiling it also drives a knife through Italians’ hearts, making it the second biggest violation of Italian cuisine.

Read more about Italian food crimes here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #44 | eOpinion

3. 60’s the new 40

Research from activity provider Treasure Trails has found that most pensioners feel about 12 years younger than their actual age – thanks to activities such as playing sports, solving puzzles and spending time with their grandchildren.

The survey found that the average Briton aged 60 or over feels 12 years 5 months younger than their actual age.

Respondents insisted that old age begins when you hit 76, with one in 10 of them stating that they feel they could currently ‘work as a spy.’

Find out more here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #44 | eOpinion

4. The Great Resignation – Gen Z addition

65% of Gen Zers plan to leave their job this year, according to a new report by talent acquisition platform Lever.

That’s higher than the 40% of overall employees in the survey who plan to leave in less than a year. Gen Z wants to work on their own terms; they’ll keep job hunting until they find a place that lets them and are more likely to work at a company that gives them a sense of purpose than one that pays more. Go Gen Z!

Read more here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #44 | eOpinion

5. Loved-up Lads

A romantic hotel location is more important to men than women, according to research commissioned by hoo.

It also emerged romantic Brits would only wait a year into a relationship before going all-out for Valentine’s Day with more than a fifth (22%) believing that’s the right time for a no expense-spared trip.

The study also saw Venice named the top Valentine’s Day location (17%), followed by the luxurious Seychelles (16%).

If any lovely lads want to whisk me away to the Seychelles I can look into clearing my diary.

Find out more Valentine stats here

Sunday 7 - Issue #44 | eOpinion

6. Clueless about bills

A third of British bill payers have “no idea” what their total monthly bills come to, according to research commissioned by Smart Energy GB.

Almost half don’t know how much they are paying for gas, and a quarter have direct debits coming out of their accounts – but they don’t know what for.

However a third have reported recently checking their usage more than usual, while energy prices remain high.

With the looming energy bill hike and the rising cost of living, I’m sure many more will be having a closer look at their monthly bills.

Find out more here

Sunday 7 - Issue #44 | eOpinion

7.  Camping Fever

Camping is set to be more popular in 2022 than ever before according to a survey by outdoor brand, OLPRO.

The survey found that 78% are planning to go camping more in 2022 than they did in 2021, while 18% expected to go camping the same amount as they did last year.

Another finding from the survey is that 53% of people are going camping more now than they did in 2019, before the outbreak of Covid-19.

Read more here

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