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For those not in the know, every week we share seven of the best survey related stories we’ve seen on the internet.

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Here is our round-up from this week, enjoy!

Sunday 7 - Issue #5 | eOpinion

1. Baby Gorilla gets his name by poll! 🦍

A nice one to get us underway this week.

Bristol Zoo polled staff and volunteers following the birth of their newest addition, to come up with the name Juni.

It’s a combination of his parents Jock and Touni and I for one, really like it.

Welcome to the world little Juni! 🐵

Would you name a kid by Speedy Poll?! 😀

More details here

Sunday 7 - Issue #5 | eOpinion

2. Opinion divided on UK Police being armed. 🔫

When we first discussed this question after seeing it submitted through the Daily eOpinion last week, I guessed that most people would say no.

As you can see from the image below, that was not the case and it was actually incredibly close.

I think this needs exploring further so keep your eyes peeled for a dedicated Speedy Poll in the near future.

Sunday 7 - Issue #5 | eOpinion

I’m still not 100% sure how I feel about it, I can see both sides of the argument but for the moment I’m pretty firmly camped in the 13%.

More details

Sunday 7 - Issue #5 | eOpinion

3. Another week and more movie related news. 🎬

I’m going to be sneaking two stories in to this one topic this week.

  • Showcase cinemas polled movie lovers to get their views on the top 10 British actors, actresses and films of the century.

Tom Hardy (Great actor no doubt, but number one? 🤔), Dame Judi Dench (Obviously 👍) and Harry Potter (wouldn’t be my choice but 🤷🏻‍♂️) were top in their respective categories.

If you are interested to know the rest, this article on Yahoo spills the beans.

  • The second movie related story is about Matthew McConaughey.

In a similar way to our story about the Rock last week, the very talented actor is being talked about in a political sense, in the same breath as Governor of Texas.

Although he’s not entered the race (yet), a poll by the University of Texas showed that 45% of adults would vote for him compared to 33% who would stick with current governor, Gregg Abbott.

Hooray for Hollywood!

More details on the story here

Sunday 7 - Issue #5 | eOpinion

4. Online security could do with an upgrade 🔐

A survey by Clearscore has taken a look at the passwords people use to protect their accounts.

I shouldn’t laugh at some of these statistics but some are very surprising.

Some headline numbers include:

9% use their own name.

7% use the name of their partner/spouse.

17% use the name of their pet! 🙀

There are plenty more to read about here.

Stay safe online people!

Sunday 7 - Issue #5 | eOpinion

5. Mortgages are very confusing for some! 🏡

Online mortgage broker Habito conducted a poll recently that showed that there is a real lack of knowledge on the subject of mortgages by some.

With a mortgage highly likely to be the biggest financial commitment you’ll make, you’d hope this wouldn’t be the case.

18% don’t know if they are on the SVR (standard variable rate) or not.

6% don’t know what remortgaging means.

A lack of mortgage understanding can be an expensive business, if you are not 100% in the know, don’t be embarrassed, ask someone you trust to help you out.

You could save a fortune! 💰

For more details on the survey – click here

Sunday 7 - Issue #5 | eOpinion

6. European Super Bad Idea ⚽️

This week was an interesting one in the world of football.

A handful of the top clubs in Europe (loose term, sorry Arsenal and fellow Spurs fans) thought it was a good idea to forget their roots and chase the money. Even more than they already do.

There were polls galore knocking around this week on the topic. General (huge) consensus considered it not to be the greatest of ideas.

This article from fourfourtwo covers the topic and poll results very well – Read here

Sunday 7 - Issue #5 | eOpinion

7. Getting busy, more stress than it’s worth for some! 🔞

Dating site Illicit Encounters has conducted a survey looking at the most common concerns people have when it comes to sex.

Anxiety levels are high prior to sleeping with a new partner for the first time with 78% of women and 62% of men experiencing worry.

Women’s number one issue when getting it on is the worry it’ll be a bit of a let down.

For men the number one concern is whether it’ll all be over a little quicker than hoped for.

If the subject interests you, you can find the rest of the top ten concerns here.

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