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Sunday 7 - Issue #6 | eOpinion

1. Go to prison instead of giving up meat?! 🥩

A survey from charity No Meat May has revealed some interesting statistics around meat-eating.

10% of people would rather go to jail than give up their steak and chips!

Just over half (51%) of respondents associate meat-eating with being more masculine.

With 90% of sign-ups committing to giving up meat in the month of May, perhaps there is something in this.

I like my burgers as much as the next person but swapping it for prison? I don’t think so. 🚔

More details here

Sunday 7 - Issue #6 | eOpinion

2. Put on your dancing shoes! 🕺🏼

I saw a report this week that a fifth of adults claims to have learnt a social media dance during lockdown.

I’ll be honest I am not one of them!

Do you know your Woah from your Swagg Bouncee? Or how about The Cosby Walk?

No? Me neither.

I’m lingering a little more towards the 27% of adults who never dance; unless it’s a wedding or having had a glass or two too many. In that case, all bets are off! 😀

If you want to learn more about lockdown dance habits, you can read about it here in the Edinburgh News!

Sunday 7 - Issue #6 | eOpinion

3. Not everyone is happy about getting the jab! 💉

Compiling and curating questions for the Daily eOpinion every day, we normally have a chat about our expectations around the responses.

Generally, we are not a million miles away from the result.

However, when the question arose this week whether you knew anyone who refused the COVID vaccine, we were well off the mark.

The general consensus at eOpinion HQ was there would be a low number for ‘yes’.

As you can see from the image, we weren’t even close!

The Daily eOpinion | 29th April 2021

Sunday 7 - Issue #6 | eOpinion

4. Boris is always in the news for one thing or another! 📰

I’ve seen lots of surveys/polls talking about politics, Boris, the Conservatives and his decorating budget this week.

This one showed 37% of people in the UK think our Prime Minister is corrupt.

But despite that and the continuing battering in the press and Prime Minister question time, the Tories are still ahead in the polls as highlighted here and in our very own Daily eOpinion.

The Daily eOpinion | 30th April 2021

Sunday 7 - Issue #6 | eOpinion

5. Who is H?! Mother of God, we need to know!

Line of Duty has had us on the edge of our seats for weeks, if not years now.

And tonight could be the night!

Will the true identity of H be revealed?

In fact, depending on when you are reading this, we may even already know. #NoSpoilers

YouGov ran a poll asking Line of Duty fans who they thought was H and Chief Constable Philip Osborne came in as prime suspect with 22% of the votes. Detective Chief Superintendent Patricia Carmichael is a close second with 19%.

You can find out the rest of the stats here.

For the record, this Line of Duty fan has no idea!

Sunday 7 - Issue #6 | eOpinion

6. Unsurprisingly kids play outside on their own, less and less. 👧

Data was published this week showing kids are typically not allowed to play outside on their own until two years older than the previous generation was.

Most children these days can’t play outside unsupervised until they hit 11.

It’s a real shame but I guess, as a parent myself, I do sort of understand it.

It’s a really interesting survey and this article on the Guardian is a worthwhile read.

Sunday 7 - Issue #6 | eOpinion

7. Feeling down? Get in the garden! 🪴

The Royal Horticultural Society have undertaken research that shows more frequent gardening leads to a higher level of well being.

Getting out in the weeds just two to three times each week can improve well being 6.6% and reduce stress levels by 4.2%.

If you would like to know more about this study, have a look at this article in the Hereford Times.

Right, I’m off to tend to my tomatoes! 🍅

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