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Sunday 7 - Issue #8 | eOpinion

1. The world of modern-day dating. ❤️

Dating has changed a lot over the years.

If you are currently in the dating pool, this research by Tinder may come in handy.

Although focusing mainly on Gen Z, I imagine it’s probably pretty transferable whatever your age.

The environment and sustainability are important as is having the same political views.

One thing that’s consistent is the good old fashioned GSOH! 🤣

If you’d like to read more about it, you can do so here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #8 | eOpinion

2. Over half of women have been harassed while out running! 😮

One survey that caught my eye this week, mainly for the wrong reasons was this one put out by Runners World and Women’s health. 🏃🏽‍♀️

In this day and age, some of these stats are pretty outrageous.

25% of women are regularly sexually harassed when out running.

34% will only run when it is light outside.

39% have changed their route as a result of safety fears.

For a full breakdown and report, check out this really comprehensive article on runners world.

Sunday 7 - Issue #8 | eOpinion

3. Just pick it up! 💩

Pet food brand Lily’s Kitchen conducted some research recently looking at dog poo!

64% say that dog poo is becoming an increasing issue in their area and an unbelievable 31% of dog owners confess to not picking up after their pooch!

According to the survey, when in London, it is worth keeping an extra eye out when walking about!

Click here for more details.

Sunday 7 - Issue #8 | eOpinion

4. Stick the kettle on? 🫖

Is there anything more British than a cup of tea?

According to a poll by NHS Charities Together, nearly half of us think that tea breaks have helped us get through the pandemic.

Some good stats came out of this report including:

59% use a favourite cup/mug.

Nearly a quarter put the milk in first. (WHAT?!? 🤯)

42% think it is unacceptable to use the same teabag twice, which leaves 58%……..

To get some more stats, check out this post.

Sunday 7 - Issue #8 | eOpinion

5. WhatsAppening?! 📱

Private messaging platform Yeo published some research this week. It showed that 12.6 million of us have either deleted WhatsApp, or are planning to do so, as a result of data concerns.

Nearly a third of those people are doing so because they don’t trust Facebook!

For the full breakdown, this article tells you everything.

Sunday 7 - Issue #8 | eOpinion

6. Where did I put that iron? 👔

It seems apt I am typing this post while wearing my jogging bottoms.

58% of us Brits are not looking forward to having to look smart and dress in office attire when we return to our offices.

The survey by AirDri also highlighted that only 16% were concerned about picking up germs from colleagues and communal areas.

Unsurprisingly, over two-thirds say the return of commuting was putting them off stopping WFH.

If you want to read more about this survey, click here.

Sunday 7 - Issue #8 | eOpinion

7. Parents paying to get kids back up to speed. 💷

A recent survey from Direct Line Life Insurance has shown that 37% of parents expect to spend more on their kid’s education as a result of lockdown.

From after school clubs to tutoring to summer school, parents are looking at ways and getting their children caught up.

One particularly interesting stat is 12% of parents are concerned about their children using public transport and as a result anticipate spending more by taking them school themselves.

You can find more details on this subject here if you are interested.

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