Sunday 7 - Issue #1 | eOpinion

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A huge welcome to the inaugral eOpinion Sunday 7!

Every week we will be sharing seven of the best survey related stories we’ve seen on the internet.

Some will be fun, some will be sad, some will be serious but we hope they’ll all be pretty interesting.

Here is our round-up from this week:

Sunday 7 - Issue #1 | eOpinion

1. Arnie is the one people want to lead us if aliens attack! 👽

BlazeTV recently surveyed 2000 Brit’s as part of UFO week to see which celebrity they would want to be at the helm should we be on the end of a hostile alien invasion.

It is worth noting that Boris Johnson came in at #12. 😬

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Sunday 7 - Issue #1 | eOpinion

2. Keen bean Brits queuing up for their jabs 💉

The second post in our Sunday 7 is a study from YouGov revealed that 86% of us Brits were willing to get the vaccine.

This was the highest out of the 26 countries they surveyed. Vietnam were second and UAE third.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #1 | eOpinion

3. A whopping 95% of dog owners say their dog supported them through quarantine. 🐶

Dogs Planet conducted a study to see the changes in dog related habits as a result of the pandemic.

If you are a dog lover, there are lots of interesting stats in this deep dive report.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #1 | eOpinion

4. We have £3.5bn worth of foreign currency tucked away. 💶 💵

According to the Post Office nearly 23m of us have foreign money leftover from previous trips abroad.

Men are hoarding more than women but on average, half of us tourists have £155 stashed somewhere. (Bear with me, just going to hunt through some drawers!)

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Sunday 7 - Issue #1 | eOpinion

5. Have you ever bought something sitting on the toilet? 🚽

No? Well according to Uswitch, you are in the 40% minority.

57% of us have bought something while in bed and somehow, impressively, although highly dangerously, 2% of us have bought something while driving.

A staggering 94% admit to making an impulse purchase each month.

For even more stats, click below.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #1 | eOpinion

6. Does anyone actually like a meeting? 💬

We loved this research from tech company Otter highlighting shocking meeting statistics.

There are loads so you should definitely check out the article via the link below but a couple of highlights include, 67% of employees complain that spending too much time in meetings stops them being productive, upper management spend 50% of their working day in meetings (mostly eating biscuits and chatting about Masterchef/Bake Off we suspect).

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Sunday 7 - Issue #1 | eOpinion

7. Is there anybody out there? 🛸

We’ll bookend this Sunday 7 nicely with another alien related piece from BlazeTV.

Among many alien related stats their research showed, a quite frankly, surprisingly high 11% of us think we have seen a UFO.

26% believe aliens exist and 29% think the UK government is keeping extra terrestrial info close to their chest and away from public consumption.

For more interesting ET stats click the link.

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