Sunday 7 - Issue #2 | eOpinion

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Welcome to issue #2 of the eOpinion Sunday 7! Every week we will be sharing seven of the best survey related stories we’ve seen on the internet.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #2 | eOpinion

1. Who wants a six pack?! 💪🏼

To get us underway this week, a story close to this curators heart!*

According to a report from, 75% of singles said they are a fan of the ‘dad bod’. 45% of those that have a ‘dad bod’ are even so proud of it they include #dadbod in their profile.

*’dad bod’ owner

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Sunday 7 - Issue #2 | eOpinion

2. Quiet weekend on the roads 🚗

A bank holiday weekend is usually a nightmare time to be on the roads but research from the AA reveals, unsurprisingly perhaps, this weekend will be different.

For the second Easter in a row, many drivers are not planning on hitting the roads, with around only a third of us planning on driving somewhere.

According to the report, Easter Monday will be the quietest driving day of the long weekend.

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The Daily eOpinion | 30th March 2021

3. Over a third of us regularly have trouble sleeping. 🙀

An alarming statistic popped up in one of our Daily eOpinion Speedy Poll’s this week.

Only 6% of us never have any trouble sleeping! And 36% of us regularly have trouble catching some Z’s.

There is a lot going on at the moment to induce a sleepless night but even so, these numbers are quite scary.


Sunday 7 - Issue #2 | eOpinion

4. Two wheels better than four? 🚲

Halfords have run a survey looking in to the bike boom created by the pandemic.

The survey reveals that they expect 2021 will see a continuation of the huge uptick in bike sales that was seen last year.

The results of the report which include sales data too, backs up the trading update from Halfords earlier this year which saw their shares jump 20% fuelled by the cycling boom driving growth.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #2 | eOpinion

5. Festival-goers ready to get muddy! 🎤

Festicket polled 140k UK festival fans and found a huge 82% of them said they are planning to attend at least two live events this year.

It’s no surprise then that 90% of them feel comfortable in attending an event this year.

Time to dig out the wellies it would seem.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #2 | eOpinion

6. Research reveals alarming stats around nurses. 🚨

The work NHS staff do at the best of times is tough, this past year it has been horrendous.

While clapping is good, poor pay-rises are not. It’s therefore not really a shock that research by the IPPR shows that a third of nurses and midwives are more likely to leave their positions now than this time last year.

61% feel their training and development has also suffered as a result of the pandemic.

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Sunday 7 - Issue #2 | eOpinion

7. The public are like corks waiting to pop! 🍾

Marketing agency ID have undertaken some research looking at consumer experiences post lockdown.

Some headline numbers include, 84% of UK consumers want to try new brand experiences, 70% say digital experiences don’t compare to real thing and 55% have planned events and experiences for this Summer.

Click below to to see the results more in-depth.

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