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Sunday 7 - Issue #3 | eOpinion

1. FORE!!! ⛳️

Golf may not be your thing but with one of the most prestigious tournaments in the game currently underway Your Golf Travel ran a survey to see what golfers would do for a round at the world-famous Augusta course.

10% would pay a year’s salary and nearly half would move their wedding day!

Luckily I’m already married so wouldn’t have to make that decision! But obviously, I wouldn’t have moved the big day. 🤔

More details

Sunday 7 - Issue #3 | eOpinion

2. Are Brits willing to change habits to tackle climate change? ☀️

The headline number says nearly a quarter of us are not prepared to change habits that would have a positive impact on tackling the climate change issue.

The report commissioned by Sky News does a bit of a deep dive on different aspects of climate change and if you are interested in the topic, the article linked below is well worth a read.

More details

Sunday 7 - Issue #3 | eOpinion

3. John Williams is the most popular living composer. 🎼

Even if classical music is not your genre of choice, you will likely have heard some of William’s work. Star Wars? Indiana Jones? Saving Private Ryan? ET? Harry Potter?

A poll conducted by Classic FM showed John Williams who has contributed to many a Hollywood blockbuster, had 9 entries in their list of the top 300.

For the full list, click the link below.

More details – Full listNME article

Sunday 7 - Issue #3 | eOpinion

4. Are we there yet? 🚙

The cry heard by many a parent on the road can often be placated with a quick stop for the toilet and a snack. But where is best? And where should you avoid?

Consumer website Which? ran a survey analysing different aspects of services all over the country with Gloucester coming out on top and Bridgwater (described as ‘dirty’ and ‘depressing’) being named as the worst.

As someone who has been to the highly impressive Gloucester services, I can see why it scored so highly. I’ve not been to Bridgwater so couldn’t possibly comment on their score.

If you want to find out where your usual stop came on the list, or want an alternative for your next road trip – click here

Sunday 7 - Issue #3 | eOpinion

5. Most of us feel powerless to influence govt. decision-making 🔟

A poll conducted by Politics for the Many and the Electoral Reform Society found that 68% of us feel powerless to influence decision-making in Westminster.

57% of people feel their counties or boroughs are either not represented, or represented only a little, in national decision-making at Westminster.

If you are interested in politics this article on the results of the survey is worth a read.

Sunday 7 - Issue #3 | eOpinion

6. Should photoshopping pics on social come to an end? 📸

There were reports of the grandmother of Khloe Kardashian posting an unedited picture of her granddaughter on social media this week. The incredible furore it caused as Team Kardashian tried to get it removed from the internet was impressive to read about.

As a result, we asked a question about it in our Daily eOpinion.

With many reports about mental health issues resulting from social media and people trying to emulate (the unachievable?) look of celebs and influencers, we asked if they should have to disclose whether an image has been photoshopped?

63% believe this should be the case.

More details

Sunday 7 - Issue #3 | eOpinion

7. Tickets – check, passport – check, digital health passport – er, check. 🛫

Travel tech company Amadeus commissioned a study to look at travel as lockdown restrictions begin to ease.

There were a lot of stats pulled from the report which you can see by clicking the link below but the headline one showed that 9/10 people said they would be happy to have a digital health passport for future trips.

More details

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